Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Book Review: The Legend of Zelda by Akira Himekawa

Title: The Legends of Zelda - A Link to the Past
Author: Akira Himekawa
Genre: Manga
Subject: Adventure, fantasy
Publisher: VIZ Media
Release date: February, 2010
Length: 192 pages
I got this book: From my boyfriends manga stash

From Goodreads:
"A Link to the Past A terrible tragedy befalls Link's family and friends when the traitorous Agahnim launches a plot to seize the Triforce and unleash a terrible evil on the world. To bring justice to Agahnim, Link needs the Master Sword and sets off on a quest to find it. Link's journey may also help him discover what happened to his parents, and while Agahnim's minions and traps are dangerous, this link to the past may be even more challenging!"

Personal opinion:
I have to read two more manga for the manga 2011 challenge so I decided to nose through my boyfriends stash, because sadly I haven't bought as much manga as I hoped this year. This manga is based on a video game that I really enjoyed playing when I was a kid. Sadly this manga doesn't really live up to my expectations. The storyline was different from the game and while that can be all right, in this case it wasn't to me. They added extra elements to make the story more interesting, yet they rush through the story to fit it all in one manga. Such a pity, I think. The graphics were okay but the action scenes were hard to follow sometimes. Yet, this could be me because I have this problem with every action manga that I read. Anyway, it was an okay read, but not really what I hoped for.

It was okay.

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