Sunday, October 9, 2011

Four Elemental Trees

It has been so long since I post about something creative. This does not mean that I haven't been creative at all. My 2nd year of school has started and after the first lesson, I got some very fun homework to do. I had to create four elemental trees. I love anything nature as my subject and I love working with the elements, so this assignment fitted right into my alley.

I started with the water tree which I made using watercolors and watercolor pencils. This is the most abstract one of my trees and it only shows the trunk. I think it looks like a tree and a river at the same time, which I love.

Next up was the earth tree. This is the tree that took me the longest. I used oil pastels to make this tree and I made the house in it to give it a bit of a fairy tale feel. Also because the earth is strong and save enough to build a house in.

The air tree I made with soft pastels and I made it very light on purpose. It didn't take me so long to make this tree but I do really like it because it is up in the sky and has clouds as branches.

Lastly was the fire tree and I did struggle with this one. I had no idea how I wanted to do this. Eventually I used a combination of gouache paint and soft pastels. I worked with warm and cool contrasts which I saw in one of my study books and it was something I wanted to try. In the end, I like this tree best even though I had trouble connecting with the fire energy.

It was a very fun but time consuming assignment. I am quite happy with the results and I learned a lot during the process.

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  1. I feel most drawn towards the fire and water trees, I must say.. ;)