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Book Review: That Day in September by Artie van Why

Title: That Day in September
Author: Artie van Why
Genre: Non Fiction
Subject: 9/11
Publisher: Van Hughes Publishing
Release date: June 2006
Length: 108 pages
I got this book: From the writer for review

From Goodreads:
"We all have our stories to tell of where we were the morning of September 11, 2001. This is one of them. In "That Day In September" Artie Van Why gives an eyewitness account of that fateful morning. From the moment he heard "a loud boom" in his office across from the World Trade Center, to stepping out onto the street, Artie vividly transports the reader back to the day that changed our lives and our country forever. "That Day In September" takes you beyond the events of that morning. By sharing his thoughts, fears, and hopes, Artie expresses what it was like to be in New York City in the weeks and months following. The reader comes away from "That Day In September" with not only a more intimate understanding of the events of that day, but also with a personal glimpse of how one person's life was dramatically changed forever."

Personal opinion:
This year it is exactly 10 years ago since the terrorist attacks, yet in all those 10 years I had never read a single book about this subject. I actually never came across one. Maybe this is because I live in Europe and while it was also big news over here, it has made less an impact here than in America. Still, I think that also in Europe we cannot ever forget what has happened on that day. That is why I didn't hesitate for a moment when I was contacted by Artie to read and review this book because even I still remember where I was on that day, when it first came on the news. I was at school, and the lessons were cancelled because we all wanted to follow the news.

It are the daily things that Artie describes that gave the book such an impact. He talks about his routine before that day and how drastically things have changed after the attack. The most simple things that you enjoy every day are just gone in an instant. And while I know that there are books that will describe more horrible details than Artie does, it were these small facts that hit me. I mean, on the television we all saw the attack, the deaths, the severely wounded, the devastation, but not the story of all those witnesses who have been traumatised by this event. Stuff like this doesn't make it to the news, yet it is so important. Reading this book really made me see just how much impact this day had in the lives of so many. Maybe even for the first time. I would like to ask you to read one book about 9/11 this year, if not this one, than another, but please do. Like other tragic historic events, for example World War II, we must also never forget 9/11.

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