Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Summer Camp: Bubbles and Stains

I am still doing creative stuff at the digital summer camp :) I haven't done as much as I could have done, but it is all for fun :)

I made background papers using the bubble technique and with that I made this card, which I pasted into my A4 dummy.

I used a combination of materials in this card. Mostly fluorescent colored pencils though :) I also used a marker and colored pens.

The background I did with oil crayon and blue glitter glue. The result is very cheerful I think :) Sometimes I love to use bright colors like this.

For another assignment I made various stains on a paper and we had to see a figure and try to bring that out. I did similar things at school in the past year. But never like this.

These are my red and magenta stains made with ink.

This is the crooked teddy bear I saw in the stains and brought forward. The fun thing with this assignment is that you don't have to make a perfect looking figure. That would be impossible anyway ;)

And this is my finished page. I painted over the stains I didn't need with contrasting colors, drew some circles with a brown pencil and pasted some other stuffed animals on there. The left quote expresses the feeling my own teddy bear used to give me. I still have my teddy bear. Do you? :) The top quote is an anonymous one I found on the web.

I hope I will be able to do some more assignments but since Abunaicon is drawing nearer, I don't always have time to play around ;)

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