Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book review: Dewey by Vicki Myron

Title: Dewey
Author: Vicki Myron
Genre: Non-Fiction
Subject: Cats
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release date: September, 2008
Length: 269 (Dutch edition)
I got this book: From the library in Dutch

Vicki Myron works in a library in Spencer, Iowa, USA when she finds a kitten in the book drop slot on a very cold winter morning. They decided to keep the cat in the library and name him Dewey. This book is about how Dewey was able to make a great difference in a lot of peoples life but just being there.

Personal opinion:
I have recently read more books about pets who changed lives. Some I liked better than others but I had this one on my wishlist for quite some time already. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. Dewey is such an unique cat that the story is very enjoyable to read. I loved all the little quirks this cat has, and it makes him quite the character. The book also included quite a history lesson about Spencer and Iowa, something that at times could bore me. Still I did enjoy the book. It is a heart warming, light story that was perfect to read for the readathon that I participated in.

I liked it!

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