Friday, March 4, 2011

The Round Robin Notebook Project

Today I want to tell you all a bit about a project I have been following for a while. It is a Dutch blog about a Round Robin Notebook. They have groups of eight people that each mail a notebook and they travel from person to person for 16 weeks total. Each person fills 6 to ten pages in each notebook in a creative way. They blog about this for a while now and it is really inspiring to see all the little sneak peeks they post. The next round starts in March but sadly I was too late to sign up. Hopefully I can make it into the September group.

In the mean time for the people who aren't part of the project, various Round Robin envelops have started to travel. These envelopes are filled with crafting supplies and you can take some stuff out and then add some supplies from your own and send it to the next person. Last week I found this envelope in my mailbox and it was so much fun :)

This is the stuff I took out of the envelope. Some might recognise the cute bunny that is used on my calendar pages :) I thought it was so awesome that I signed up for another round :) For the people that are curious now, you can read all about it on the Round Robin Notebook Blog :) It is in Dutch though.

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