Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter journal page for Illustration Friday

This will be my first time joining the Illustration Friday challenge. This is a challenge for artists from each level to participate in with whatever media they choose. I was actually looking for a weekly Art Journal Challenge, but only found ones from previous years. Leeswammes and Cy-V helped me with my search and that lead to me joining this challenge.

Each Friday a new theme is posted which you then have the whole week to work on. So you don't actually have to post the illustration on Friday itself, just hook up somewhere during the week. This week I have used the challenge to make an Art Journal Page. I am so ready for Spring, but this weeks theme was Sweater, so I had to take a step back into Winter to work with this theme. I made a general Winter page where the main theme are children wearing sweaters. I normally wouldn't work with people much when I am doing something artsy, because I relate more to animals. I did think of doing animals wearing sweaters though ;)

However I found some images in my card making stash and in Flow Magazine which I thought that fitted the theme perfectly. I used a light blue pencil for the background, and dark blue and dark red to add some snowflakes and stars. The red and light blue background images are also from my card making stash. The writing I did with a blue metallic gel pen. I kept it fairly simple because I was making this page in bed, while watching some TV. I think it took me about two hours. Some close ups from the images:

On the page I wrote about my likes and dislikes of this season and how I experienced Winter when I was a child. I love to express my thoughts about subjects in this way. And yes, I often journal in English. I don't mind sharing my thoughts about things like this, since it is not that personal. I will surely be participating in this challenge more often. Maybe not every week, if a theme doesn't suit me at all or if I am too busy, but I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of participants who have joined already, so I can recommend that you take a look on the Illustration Friday website (linked above).

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