Monday, February 14, 2011

It is Valentine!

To me Valentine's Day isn't anything really special, but I don't hate it either. And today I do want to share some fun stuff that is Valentine related.

Last Saturday, I found an early Valentine's Greeting from my mom in my mailbox. She sends me a card every year. This used to frustrate me when I was a teenager. "Oh it is just a card from you, mom?!" I hoped to get a card from a cute guy, but that didn't really happen too often ;) Only when I was 12, and then again at 16. But my mom sends me a card every single year. Since I love owls, I got this cute owl card together with crocheted owls :)

Other then this, I ran into a very pretty mandala today on Susanna's blog; Susi-Art. She has made a beautiful mandala that screams Spring. With a very pretty text as well. I suggest you go there and take a look yourself :) You won't be disappointed. She also makes very cute cards and does a lot of crafting. I love to follow her blog :)

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