Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Etsy Finds

I always love it to browse around on Etsy. They have such beautiful and cute things there. I can be totally absorbed. Most of it I could never afford, but browsing is fun nevertheless. Today I will share some winter themed items for your viewing pleasure. I am not a huge fan of winter myself, but looking at pretty winter related things does make it easier to see the up side of this season.

Original Folk Art Print by ShellyMundelArt
Snowman Clock by MontereyCeramics

Lace Blue Bird by TevaGallery
Ruffled Waist Purse by Kinies
Winter Sparkle by Madart
Little Hoot Owl Hat by littlemodchic
Stars of Today Stained Glass by beadedglass
See No Evil Penguins by Fliepsiebieps
I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Etsy winter pretties. Have a nice and crafty weekend :)

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