Friday, November 19, 2010

Some practice with watercolour

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I have some homework assignments to practice with watercolour. I have only 6 colours: 2 different yellows, 2 different reds and 2 different blues. 3 of them more bright and 3 of them more transparent. The assignments are about mixing the colours and see what effect they have on you and on each other.

In the first 4 ones I had to mix the reds, blues and the lightest yellow to see what effects it had when you mix them in different ways.  Using lines, curves, from the middle and spiral.

 These 4 are a bit different. We had to feel the difference between the two blues and reds, work with only the filling colours (the only time I could use my 2nd yellow) and work with only transparent blue and red.

 I think it was awesome how you can see the difference between the colours you use or the way you make your lines. And what effects it all has. Watercolour is really hard to control either way and you have to be careful not to create one brown mass.

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