Saturday, September 25, 2010

The rhyhm of the seasons

My education started last Wednesday and I got a ton of homework XD I don't really mind it though since most of it is drawing. The theme of the first lesson was energy. We will be getting 2 lessons on each theme. One of the homework assignments to follow a natures rhythm and capture that energy. I choose for the seasons so I made 4 pieces.

The spring piece I called Subtle Spring. Because the translation from winter to spring often goes gradually, softly. A hint of spring you smell in the air and then you know! I choose pastel colors for this piece, some dried flowers and butterflies. I love adding unusual materials to my work. It gives it a bit extra.

Sparkling Summer is the title of the next piece. It is made with a golden pencil and pastel crayons. I se the summer as a burst of energy. Everyone is cheerful. The energy is carefree.

Astonishing Autumn I named that way because of the colors! Autumn colors really are the best! Nature gives us a final tribute before going to sleep. I used leaves dipped in paint to make the background and pencil for the foreground.

Winter is gloomy, everything is dark out except for the one light of hope. Nature sleeps. People are wishing in this season, therefore the title Wishful Winter. I used pencil here with sparkling star glue and pieces of paper.

I learned that I can actually feel the difference in the energies while working on the pieces. I loved the progress. The inspiration I had, the way the ideas and details were unfolding in my head. The hunt for the materials to express what I wanted. It was fun!

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