Thursday, July 22, 2010


As the day I start my education is drawing nearer, I also learn more new insights. I already ordered some books in and started reading them and working through them. In one of those books, I learned that creating is so much more then creating things with your hands, like drawing or painting. You can create ideas, choices, basically everything you do can be a form of creation. I now think that I renamed my blog without knowing what it could mean. But now I understand it fits. It fits the path I am currently walking, choosing, creating.

I am currently learning to work with core qualities. To get insight in what great qualities I am born with and that everyone has their own set of such qualities. And with that there is also a set of challenges you want to learn to balance yourself out and there are qualities you can be very allergic too. I am only starting to learn, but I know now that I can do much more then I thought I could in life. Or in the interaction with others. You can't choose what is happening to you but you can choose how you will react to that and what goals you want to work towards.

Of course this isnt going to be easy and I will get off track often enough, but just realizing all this, is such a gift. I feel like I made a huge leap forward. And I am looking forward to follow this new path of creation!

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