Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Diary of a wimpy kid

For my book goal, I read this book today. It is a book for children actually. But I found it very amusing. It is a diary from a boy, or excuse me, logbook, no diary, that would be so uncool ;) The little cartoons made me laugh and that was what I needed when I found out I locked myself out this afternoon after my visit with the shrink to work on goal #28 get diagnosed. (and treated but I am going to split those two up).

Well... they found out I do have a personality disorder.. no surprises there. The problem is that they can't really say which one because I have aspects in different groups of personality disorders. However I have most from Borderline and something that is called a Narsistic personality disorder which I hadnt heard of before today. And both fit me... the latter a bit more then the former and it scares me. Because I can't believe I am like they discribe it on wikipedia, yet I know I am. It is very hurtful and confronting. I have aspects of Austism as well, but yeah less. It is a nice package... :( Anyway... Mark is going with me next time because he recognizes me in those disorders too and he is going to tell his version to the shrink. Nick has given his opinion too about the disorders... it scares me that I seem to use people for my own benefit... I wonder if those disorders are treatable or that I will stay like this forever..?

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  1. Big hugs!!! I think getting a diagnosis is a good step in the right direction.