Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project 365 update

Finally found the time to do another 365 update. I did some minor wrecking too. Hopefully I will have enough energy to blog about both ;)


Some artwork prints I ordered :) I am very happy with these! They are from artist Ash Evans and she is having a printsale ^^ I love these little critters ^^ I need to buy a list though so I can hang them on the wall ^^


A picture from the FatCat. She is in a very sweet mood the past days and was by my side a lot ^^ Here she came laying with me while I was playing a video game.


Grape hyacinth ^^ They are growing a lot on the balcony! We planted them last fall and now the balcony is turning blue ^^


Erhm.. yeah.. I was out of inspiration when my boyfriend checked something on the computer. He is very bendy and always sits in weird positions that look very uncomfy to me. And yeah to me his butt if of course an interesting subject ;)


Tulips!! I know I take a lot of pictures from flowers, but they are so lovely to photograph. I was actually in doubt when I choose this picture today because we had a dog visiting just now. And I tried to make pictures of the cute pup but they turned out too dark. Only the outside pics were awesome, but I didnt make those ;) So that is why instead of a cute puppy, we have Tulips ;)


  1. Is he aware that you're sharing his but with the entire world? LMAO

    Don't worry about posting too many flowers. It's just like with cats, I can't get enough of neither cat photos nor flower photos. And I NEED some spring.

  2. He isnt a shy person, he doesnt mind ;)

    I hope you will get some spring soon!!

  3. Belsammael, are you said boyfriend? And in that case don't you think your girlfriend would mind if other women kiss your ass? LOL