Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dance! (write one word over and over)

Worked some more in my journal and created one line. Of course just drawing one line is boring, so I colored the whole thing, making up fantasy creatures as I went.

With this one I am very pleased! I love dancing so my one word is dance. I made a background with light pastels first then moving on to the darker pastels to create the foreground. I wrote my words on top of it with vilts. I am also making this one my 365 picture for today, because I think this project deserves a place in that as well!


  1. I like both these pages A LOT. The first one is cute and fun and the second one really captures the feeling of dancing.

    I have to different words and ideas for my one word page so I have to wait with it until I've made up my mid. But I cut holes in my journal instead today. Cute holes! LOL

  2. OMG! Your one line page is so AWESOMNESS! I love it! It's my favorite page so far :)