Saturday, March 14, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 7 and 8

Yeah, I am even more behind with my Documented Life Project than I was before ;) Even though I really want to stay on top of my journaling, life gets in the way and I just won't make it in one week. For me, falling behind is demotivating. And it is easy to give up all together because I can't keep up. However I decided to combine two prompts into one, this time. I don't think it will always work, but it might be easier for me to get caught up.

This are the prompts for week 7 cover up the good stuff and week 8 repeating elements.

I didn't gesso my page, because I have a watercolor moleskine, and I did my first layer with yellow and red watercolors. The I drew a heart with pencil. I didn't use a stencil, so the heart isn't perfect, but I choose for that intentionally.

Then I covered everything except the heart with black gesso. (covering up the good stuff)

With blue and yellow ecoline I worked on another paper, doodling leaves on top to cut out.

Here I was playing with composition of the leaves.

But I decided that I needed another layer under the leaves first. So I scribbled with a white sakura pen "Eat, create, sleep, repeat". And I used a stencil and white acrylics on the left side. Then paste some leaves on top in groups here and there.

I finished the page with some poetry images of birds and butterflies and wrote the same phrase in black on the heart. I need to seal the page, but I always take a picture first, in case I screw up ;)

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