About me

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will like it here!

I haven't changed much over the years, the only thing that is constantly changing is my hair color ;) 
I am Cynni, but on the web I go by Uniflame, you can call me both, it doesn't matter :)
I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in a fairly small apartment with my BF Nick, 4 cats and a rabbit.
Currently I follow an art education, which you can read all about on my creative process page. Next to that I have a volunteer job at Abunai!. Together with about 25 others, including my BF, we organise an annual Japanese culture convention for around 3500 visitors. It is very fun to do but it does affect my blogging in the most hectic period, which is August.

My Blogs
I have two blogs. Uniflame Creates is all about books, creativity and personal things I like to share. It is my place on the web where I can post about what holds my interest. On She Likes Bento I post anything foodie related. Lunches, recipes, cookbook reviews and Japanese snack reviews can all be found there.

I am currently not blogging on a schedule because I can't combine it with my life atm. But you can find me participating in Project 365, Weekend Cooking, Library Loot and Meatless Monday, when I can find the time.

My interests:
I have a lot of interests but my focus on each of them tends to shift from time to time. I can be binge reading for months, until I get into a slump and then watch all the good series I can find. I am a bit chaotic, but I try to be organised by using a lot of notes and lists! I love making lists! Anyway my pool of interests includes: Reading, drawing, painting, smashbooking, playing video games, watching series and movies, writing letters and postcards, cooking and baking, my balcony garden, anime, dancing, swimming, nature and animals.

Me and food:
I like to cook and bake but I like it easy, quick and with little fuss. I love to cook healthy with lots of fresh and mostly organic veggies. I make mostly vegetarian dishes but I also love to try vegan. So I try to review cookbooks that fit my lifestyle. Sometimes I do still eat fish, but those recipes rarely make it to my blog.

Random likes:
Sushi, spring, owls, a full mailbox, cats, flowers, the small things in life, laughing, Lush, Disney, Doctor Who, bird songs, online shopping, sillyness, twitter, my iPhone, chocolate, colors blue, yellow and green.

And dislikes:
Snow, early mornings, being sick, babies with food on their faces, no internet, loud noises, bitter veggies, wet cats on the bed, oranges, being cold, insects on the loo.

Lastly I am chronically ill, so this sometimes interferes with my blogging. Especially in the colder months, I might not be very active. But I will never quit blogging and I will always find new ways to make it work for me. But then you know why I am not always as active as I like to be. Just living sometimes costs me all the energy I can spare.

Where to find me:
While I am not such a social butterfly IRL, you can find me at a lot of places online!
and email me: cynni_universe@hotmail.com
I love getting mail so if you want to trade postcards with me, email me!

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