Review Policy

Please take the time to read my review policy to prevent misunderstandings. If you have any questions contact me at:

Please look at the book review section of the blog to get an idea of what I have reviewed in the past.
I will NOT review: Politics, self-help, health books, horror, erotica, explicitly religious, business, marketing.
I will likely turn down: Thrillers, romance, non-literary chick-lit, war books, science-fiction, mystery, self published.
I will consider: Literary fiction, contemporary fiction, fantasy, YA, middle grade, coming of age, historical fiction, paranormal, non fiction, graphic novels.
I will mostly accept: Magical realism, dystopia, vegetarian friendly cookbooks, foodie books, books about living with disabilities.

I will accept early copies of finished books and ARC. I will also accept audio on CD or MP3. I will accept e-books in a format that is readable on a Kobo Touch.

I am a slow reader so depending on my schedule I would mostly need at least 1 month to read and review a book because I also review library books and my own books. Because I am a slow reader I am very selective in what I read.

I will always give an honest review of the books I read. Even if I did not finish a book, I will write a short review about the reason why the book didn't work for me. Most books will be reviewed on this blog with a partial cross review on Goodreads. Except for cookbooks, they will get reviewed on my other blog: She Likes Bento.

What happens after:
I will never sell any books that are given to me for review. I might host a giveaway or pass the books on to friends that might enjoy the book or I will donate the book to bookcrossing.

If I receive e-mails that pitch books that are within genres that I don't read, I will likely not respond.