Saturday, February 21, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 6

Sooo today we will already get the prompt for week 8, but I just finished week 6 last Thursday. Maybe I will skip a week sooner or later, but that's okay. February is all about layers and that is why this post will have more pictures than previous posts. The theme was don't stop till you have enough.

Layer one was gesso. For layer two I tore stripes of music paper and I used washi tape. Note to self, washi tape does not stick on gesso. Sometimes I really don't like that stuff ;) I just paste this with a glue stick because I figured it would stick because I would cover it with more layers.

Layer three is some more gesso. Applied it with a sponge here and used the corners to get the texture.

Layer four: Some acrylics, also with a sponge. This is burned sienna with white.

Layer five: I used a dolly as a stencil but it didn't show as much as I hoped. Oh well, moving on.

For layer 6 I used the back of a kraft envelope and I stamped flowers on it in copper. Cut and pasted them and doodled around them.

Still layer 6, the other side. On Facebook someone made these beautiful dandelions (I can't find who because it vashied in the timeline) but I thought they would suit this page really well. They are done with the back of a chopstick to create this texture. The credit goes totally to her. And I need to practice more, but I love the technique.

I pasted 1 word on it: intuition. I choose this word because this is how you know when to stop. Because this layout is really subdued, I didn't want to add to much. So only 6 layers this time. Another annoying thing is that these stickers don't stick on their own as well. So I used a glue stick at first. And then sealed the letters with bookbinders glue.

I have some ideas for week 7 already. Now I need to find the time and health to make it happen ;)

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