Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WOYWW: Some small projects

A while ago I came across a creative meme that is called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. It is all about showing what is going on on your workdesk and is hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. I really like participating, because it is an easy way to show you what I have been working on, and it is fun to visit some other participants :)

I saw this on a Dutch blog called De Postfabriek last week. It is all about pimping postcards and creating more writing space! Easy and fun! I personally think this works best with bun illustrated postcard. Go have a look. There are a lot of posts about pimping a postcard there. Even thought the blog is in Dutch, there are a lot of images to inspire. Today is world post day! So send out a card! :D

The project above counts for Pin it and Do it. Please head over to Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity, for the Pin it and Do it Challenge! It is so fun! I participated many times before :)

This week I had a visitor on my desk. Luckily the painting was already dry!

This is another homework project. Blops of ink on wet paper. When it is dry I need to look what I see in it and work on that.

As seen here. This is one I already worked on with colored pencils. I darken certain parts or lighten them to create more contrast. I could work on it lots more. But these are supposed to be quick intuitive paintings. The leaves are brooches that I bought last week :D Also: the ones that I don't see anything in, I use as background for ATC's or make tags from it. So nothing goes to waste :)


  1. Happy WOYWW. So many lovely things on your desk - including the cat! Also love your blog background. Ali x #45

  2. Hi, Thanks for visiting me, I will show the finished card when I get it done.
    Love your pussy cat, he is gorgeous and your painting. If I tried to do something like that it would look like soemthign a three year old had done, inctead of artistic and sophisticated like your does.
    Chris #69

  3. I love those ink splots...I may have to try that myself. Your cat is stunning...I just want to pick him up and cuddle him. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x #80

  4. Your ink splots are stunning. Love your little visitor. Happy crafting #4

  5. Ooh and orange bird... I love the idea of Pin it and do it, if only I could find time! I'm also going to check out the dutch blog, as I'm dutch myself and haven't found that many dutch crafters yet, so thank you for posting!
    Debbie / Daqa #53

  6. I love your wonderful autumn Colors and your visitor fellow. Lovely work to see!

  7. Such pretty brooches. Your visitor looks very comfortable, he doesn't look like he's going to move in a hurry! Hugs. Pam#37

  8. Lovely vibrant colours. Thank you for visiting.
    Karen #70

  9. I want to go to the school where they give homework like that!!! Oh and your kitty is adorable.