Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap up post

Awww Bloggiesta is already over... well for me at least. I have written so much over the weekend that I am kind of pooped out ;) But I made a good dent with the backlogging and I have scheduled posts all through October on 2 blogs!

I will edit this post later when the official Bloggiesta wrap up post is up. But for now, this is my list of accomplishments. I am going to back up my blogs last, because to me it doesn't make sense to do that when Bloggiesta starts and when I am going to write so much over the weekend! I have written 26 posts over the weekend btw!

Uniflame Creates:
- Make back up
- Write and schedule 19(!!) book reviews (10 down)
- Write Library Loot post
- Deal with the spam comments on this blog
- Write Pin it and Do it challenge post
- Hunt for cute little owls to use as new rating system
- Make owls suitable for review system
- Backlog project 365 posts

She Likes Bento:
- Go through my recipe list and list vegan recipes
- Make back up
- Write and schedule several bento posts (all 6 down)
- Write and schedule 2 snack reviews
- Weekend Cooking post
- Maybe more backlog recipe posts (1 down)
- Make banner for Cookbook Challenge

Met een Strikje:
- Make new signatures
- Write some reviews or other posts in advance (1 down)

Mini Challenges:
- Join Twitter party on Saturday
- Organize books by using Microsoft access
- Step out of your blogger comfort zone
- How to use blogger journal and calendar
- Catch up on reviews
- Give and Get great guest posts
- Photo copyrights
- Changes with feedburner (read it but didn't really get what should be done)
- Build your blog audience
- Evernote
- Lets get personal
- SEO (old)

- Sort out NetGalley books
- Install Photoshop (oops)
- Check up on reading challenges progress and plan books accordingly

As a bonus: Here are my lists from the use a blogger journal and calendar mini challenge:
My posting schedule for October for this blog

My reading schedule for the rest of the year

If you click on them you might even be able to read them ;) Oh and those books... that is probably more than I can read ;)


  1. Wow, you really accomplished a lot!!! Isn't Bloggiesta useful? I love it. I would never have done all the work I did this weekend. Maybe never, or within a long time span. And now it's all done! Yay!

  2. Congratulations on a productive Bloggiesta! I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but will keep working on my goals until I'm able to cross them all off my list. Glad you had a great time!

  3. You got a lot done, congrats!! 10 books reviewed is amazing for a weekend as well, nicely done!

  4. You are awesome to get so many reviews written during Bloggiesta! I didn't get many reviews scheduled but I did get a few posts drafted which feels nice. Including your cookbook challenge! It'll go live tomorrow.

    Thanks for playing along with my list mini-challenge. )

  5. Congratulations on getting so much done! You must have worked like crazy! I spent too much time on techie stuff and didn't write a single review during Bloggiesta this time around.