Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Slice of Life: Week 19 - 2012

The blog has been fairly inactive mainly because I have been quite ill in the past week. But I wanted to do a personal update this week now I am feeling better.

I read: 
I am not sure if I finished something really... except for the Hundertwasser book for school. But I have started reading again and I am currently reading Garlic and Sapphires and Me before You. Look at my goodreads account for progress posts :)

Weekly song:
Currently I am enjoying a new album from Keane - Strangeland. It is released not too long ago. I always enjoy this kind of music because it is so soothing. I will share a song from that album called Silenced by the Night.

Favorite recipe: 
I haven't cooked that much in the past week. But just before I got sick, I made a nice Vegetable Stew :)

Something pretty: 
Wow! A pretty butterfly melon salad!

I watched: 
When I was getting really sick I watched some seasons of Friends. This is one of my ultimate feel good series and I rewatch those a lot when I am ill and can't sleep at night. I also finished watching a cartoon series called Avatar. I started watching this with Nick a good while ago and now we made time to watch the remaining episodes. This was about 2 days non-stop watching ;)

I am grateful for:
That Nick took such good care of me while I was sick and that he didn't get annoyed at my nightly TV activity.

I played/created: 
I am still playing Golden Sun in between things. I am almost at the end now and I relly want to play Golden Sun 2 as well. However I still need to buy it.

Things I have done: 
Well mainly watching series and laying in bed, I'm afraid. Today it is Mothers Day and as this post goes up, I am probably visiting her and going to a restaurant later ;) BTW: Today is the b-day from one of our cats Stripe. She turns 5 today.

I am happy about: 
That I am finally up again!

In the upcoming week I plan:
The next weekend is animecon. This is a Japanese culture convention that I attend each year. I will be there from Friday till Sunday so probably no weekly update from me next Sunday ;)

Q: How was your week? 

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