Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project 365: April 2012

I know this is extremely late. Normally I post this on the last day of the month. Anyway, here is April in pictures :)

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01) Mexican food for Bloggiesta
02) Boxed cat ;)
03) Pudding is good for your relationship!
04) Sketching at school
05) Library Loot
06) Easy wraps
07) A review package from Sakura Soap
08) Homemade Sushi
09) Hanging out with my friend Immi
10) Spring Nail polish
11) Vegetable bag
12) Quinoa burgers
13) Lazy cats
14) Cozy cat ;)
15) Putting a meme on the Dutch girly blog
16) Broccoli soup
17) Zucchini quiche
18) Bento for school
19) Reviewing China Glaze nailpolish
20) Vegetable bag
21) Readathon
22) Vegetable Pasta
23) Reviewing Sugar scrub from Sakura
24) Making a look with wet and wild make up
25) Nick acting silly with his pink poi
26) Pesto burgers
27) Lazy cat
28) Cat wants to play the game too!
29) My first frappuchino
30) Queensday, hanging out with Immi and Fhant in the local park

Q: Are you doing project 365?

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