Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project 365: January 2012

So I am 3 months in and still going strong. I never have been able to be this consistent with the challenge, so I am happy :)

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01) Saying goodbye to the angry owl that hung on the toilet for over a year, because I got a new calendar now.
02) My new addiction: Nail Polish!
03) New Years Leftover bento
04) Dinner: Baked potatoes, broccoli and fish fingers, all from the oven because our stove broke.
05) Testing my new eye shadow
06) Vegetable bag
07) Trying a new color of nail polish
08) Dinner: Pumpkin-Cranberry Risotto (recipe on my other blog: She Likes Bento)
09) For the stash: Cranberry Muffins (recipe on my other blog: She Likes Bento)
10) My first homemade bread from the machine
11) School day, working with clay
12) The kitty also likes the homemade bread ;)
13) Vegetable bag
14) Pretty colors in the sky
15) Dinner: BBQ Tempeh sandwich (recipe on my other blog: She Likes Bento)
16) Lunch: Homemade bread with cheese and egg. 
17) Dinner: Broccoli Soup (recipe on my other blog: She Likes Bento)
18) Veggies from the market
19) Kitty!~
20) Me before going outside, it was cold!
21) Dinner: Takeout Sushi
22) More kitty~
23) My Round Robin booklet came home!
24) Bento
25) School day - one more lesson in clay
26) Boring picture of my clean table
27) Visiting a farm
28) Having fun at the gopher dinner ;)
29) Lunch - Homemade bread with cheese, tomato and cucumber
30) Dinner: Oven dish with nachos, avocado, bell pepper, corn and sour cream (recipe to come)
31) Dinner: Gnocchi with mushroom-cream cheese sauce (recipe to come)

How was your month?

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