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Book Review: Kobato by CLAMP

Title: Kobato (vol 1)
Author: CLAMP
Genre: Manga, Comedy
Subject: Friendship, Wishes
Publisher: Yen Press
Release date: May, 2010
Length: 160 pages
I got this book: I bought it on a convention

From Goodreads:
"Meet Kobato Hanato, a sweet and rather simple young girl on a quest to have her single, dearest wish granted. But first, she must learn the ways of the world from loryogi-san, a gruff, blue dog whose bark is just as bad as his bite! Under his “tutelage” (read: constant verbal abuse), Kobato puts her efforts into passing various trials of common sense so that she may obtain the key to getting her wish: a magic bottle that must be filled with the suffering of wounded hearts Kobato herself has healed. But with Kobato’s common sense sorely lacking, she keeps flunking loryogi–san’s trials left and right! It looks like the road that lies ahead of Kobato will be a long one indeed!"

Personal opinion:
I wanted to read the manga because I really enjoyed the anime of this series and I know CLAMP that the plot usually goes a lot deeper in the manga than the anime, so I was looking forward to reading this! CLAMP also is known for their mysterious stories, placing magical elements here and there. The plus side of this are the original plot lines, the down side is that it can be confusing. This is also the case with the first volume of Kobato. Things do get explained somewhat but by reading the first volume, I didn't get much information what this series actually would be about. It seems that we just get to follow a clumsy, naive girl who tries to fit in to this new world to her. But the how and why, isn't explained yet. But since this is a manga series this is to be expected. I do love the character designs once again and also the fact that there are several cross over characters to be spotted again from other CLAMP stories. I did notice straight away that there are differences between the manga and the anime, so this made me curious enough to continue reading.

I liked it!

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