Sunday, June 12, 2011

Off the Shelves: Spiritual Book "Sale"

Since I want to de-clutter my home to make room for the stuff that I actually use, I have made a start today by cleaning out my spiritual book shelves. I am still spiritual and by no means I want to toss out all my spiritual books, but it is like cookbooks: Some books you use more than others. Since I am all for the concept of giving books a second or even more lives, I am offering those books on my blog for "sale" meaning that you can have the book for just the shipping costs and maybe packaging if I have ran out of envelopes. For now I only have Dutch books in this stash, but I will continue to de-clutter my shelves slowly, so who knows what might be there in the future.If people aren't interested, the books will get a second life in other ways. Because I don't want perfectly good books to end up in the trash.

These are the books I have to offer. Some of them had already a life before they came into my home. All books should fit through the mailbox.
Denk je Slank  - Bart Dirks
Sterren, Mensen, kruiden - Mellie Uyldert (is very old)
Heksen en Witte Magie - Lucy Summers
Handboek der Hedendaagse Magie - Lucy Summers
Handboek der Magie - Nicola de Pulford
Meer Magie - Marian Green
Het Paranormale Spelletjesboek - Cassandra Eason
De Positieve Kracht van Magie en Rituelen - Nicole Sommersous
Genezen met Kristallen - Simon Lilly
Kruiden - Sue Hawkey
De Helende Kracht van Kruiden - Jade Britton & Tamara Kircher

That was it for now. If you are interested please mail to cynni _ universe (at) hotmail (dot) com for details.

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