Thursday, April 7, 2011

Round Robin Notebook Sneak

It is time for another sneak from the Round Robin Notebook project I am participating in. This time I have been working in the notebook from Fieve! I had to go to the market to buy some new supplies in themes that she liked, because I didn't really had much that matched. But going to the market from time to time to buy some new images to work with is so nice <3 This time the theme I worked with was nostalgia & Holland.

And that is all I will be saying about it ;) I had a fun time again with making collages in the notebook. It was more challenging this time because this isn't a theme I usually work with. Of course I don't mind a challenge and I just hope that Fieve will like it :) If you are curious about the Round Robin Notebook project, take a look :)

1 comment:

  1. Wat leuk dat je het helemaal in mijn stijl doet!!! Ik ben nu al zoooooo super nieuwsgierig!!! Het ziet er superleuk uit!!
    Dank je wel!!!!