Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book review: Life from Scratch by Melissa Ford

Title: Life from Scratch
Author: Melissa Ford
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Subject: Cooking, Blogging, Divorce, Romance
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Release date: December 2010
Length: 214 pages
I got this book: From the publisher for review through NetGalley

Rachel Goldman is divorced and is trying to give her life a purpose. She does this by learning how to cook and blog about her efforts. Her blog turns out to be very popular because people like her honesty and her humor. In spite of the success of the blog, Rachel still has enough challenges on the road ahead of her, in and out the kitchen.

Personal opinion:
The first page starts out as a blog post and I was drawn straight in. I would have been delighted if this book would have been entirely written in blog style, but that didn't happen. However at the start of each chapter another blogpost is written. I found the concept very American, because I can't believe that there would be any woman, or man for that matter, that doesn't have some basic knowledge of cooking on age 34 in this time. This goes as far as that Rachel can't even scramble an egg. To me eating out or ordering in each day, sounds so foreign because here in the Netherlands such a lifestyle isn't really possible even on a lawyers salary. That being said, I loved to read about Rachel's first steps in the kitchen and I could easily relate to that part. On the other hand it was a bit harder for me to relate to Rachel's love life. Of course I have a basic understanding what it could feel like, but it wasn't as recognisable as the parts about cooking. Still it was an enjoyable book and I was pretty surprised by the ending. I didn't see that one coming and it was a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this book to women who feel like a light read with a romance theme. While food and blogging certainly are a part of this book, it isn't the main focus. So if you are a foodie who isn't into romance at all, this isn't for you. Otherwise enjoy the icing on the cake.

I liked it!

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  1. This sounds like a fun book. I love stories about cooking (even if it isn't the main element). I think I would love this book for a light read inbetween heavier stuff.

  2. Yes, it is perfect for that! :)