Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book 02/50

So when I was at Nicks I finished this book called: Echte mannen eten geen kaas. It translates as: real men don't eat cheese. It is a true story about a girls that was in the hands of a loverboy for 4 years. It is from a Dutch writer so I am not sure if it is translated. It was a really shocking book to read and you have no idea that things are that bad. I read it within 2 days.

I also finished the goal: help out a friend in need. That wasnt planned of course. But my boyfriend Nick got into trouble and I helped him out. I am not going into detail about it too much since this is a public blog and I want to protect his privacy. But I am glad I was able to help him and I will continue to help him for the time being.

I ate breakfast before 10am 5 days straight now. So only 2 more days left and I have completed that goal as well. There is going to be more in another post maybe later today. But I need to upload some pictures for that one ;)

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