Friday, September 11, 2009

#31 Clean out the garage

Yesterday and today I started with the garage goal. Our garage is a real dump and I wasnt motivated to clean it out for ages. Because it is just too much work and I don't really have the energy for it. But yeah.. yesterday Nick and I started on the right-front part of the garage (picture 1). Today we did the left-front side. The back side (picture 2) still needs to be done. But we are halfway now. All the junk that we are going to toss out is moved to the basement for now. We will remove it permanently after we cluttered out the whole thing.

I also worked on other goals in the meantime. One of the biggest things is that I went to a concert from Coldplay last wednesday!! It was totally awesome! I will write more about that as soon as I found out how I can transfer movies from my iPhone XD I also worked some more towards other goals, just check the list since it is up to date ^^

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