Thursday, August 27, 2009

Movie 1/40 goal #5

I am sick today so I will be staying in bed mostly. Luckily that gave me time to watch a movie I borrowed from my mom a while ago, she said I should watch it, that it was a good movie. So today I watched Atonement. It is about a guy who gets accused of a crime falsely due a series of misunderstandings. Therefore the love that blossomed between the main characters will never be the same again. It is drama, of course. In the beginning I found it a bit hard to focus because the film moves rather slow. The ending was unexpected though and sad, really. I would recommend it if you are into the drama genre, if not, this movie might be too slow for you.

Further I also made progress with goal #84, inspire 2 persons to make a 101 list too. Mark started on his yesterday :) It isnt finished yet though, but I am curious what goals he will set for himself.

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