Monday, August 31, 2009

Another movie 3/40

Yesterday I watched the disney movie Cars, recommended to me by Nick. Well it was.... predictable. The whole movie was predictable with capital P. I have to say that the way they gave emotions to the cars was done brilliantly. It made the movie still funny at points. However this wasnt enough for me to really enjoy the movie. I mean it is all cute and stuff... but not really my thing. It seems that I aint very lucky on the movie department yet XD

Today I am also going to school. To graduate is one of my goals and I think it might be the hardest yet to come... I mean.... I am a special case and all. After Abunai I need to discuss the possibilities for me to still be able to graduate. But yeah it is possible that I am just not able to due to all my issues. I already know I can't do the work. I learned that last year. However I still want to graduate even if I can't work in the field. Because.... I am sooo close. But yeah... today I need to get the paperwork filled in to sign me up for another year. Better get going.

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