Friday, March 13, 2009

Scrub this page!

I felt I had enough energy to do some wrecking. So I got my scrub out of the shower to give my journal a nice scrubbing!

Close up from my coconut scrub. I love the smell of coconut. And the scrub from the bodyshop is heaven for my skin! I'm not sure it will be this good for the book though!

This is the aftermath, poor journal. It smells nice though! And my fingertips are so soft now XD

Additional page to honor the coconut!

I am getting more and more annoyed with blogger uploader, because it just randomly tosses the picuters in and just not in the order I added them! Why does this happen?! *grumble*


  1. What a wonderful idea to use body scrub. I love coconut as well! I like that you painted the page next to it in a matching theme.

    I haven't scrubbed yet but I've scratched (see blog for update)

    I can't give you any advice about Blogger's uploader since I don't use it. I prefer to host the images myself and I also use HTML for my posts instead of wysiwyg (I think Blogger calls in compose mode) which gives me full control over everything.

  2. I'm not that good with HTML. I just link the pictures to here from my photobucket through the photo icon... Maybe I should try copy-paste the html from photobucket.. maybe that will work.

    Well I have no other idea how to scrub a page? I mean body scrub is the only scrub I know :)

  3. The HTML from Photobucket should probably work very well, as long as you use the HTML and not the forum code. HTML works pretty much like forum code only with < instead of [ (and much more things you can do with it of course) Send me a PM if you have problems with it (or if you need advice on how to add or change things to your blog)

  4. Oew that must smell pretty good now *luvs coconut*