Monday, January 5, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 1

So, it is time that I revived this blog. It has been so long! I do plan to post some things from last year too, but I want to start with a new project I am participating in. Quite last minute I found out about the documented life project. It are weekly art journal prompts in a classroom and it is free. I am participating in my watercolor moleskine.

In the first week, the art prompt was book pages and the journal prompt was: be your own goalkeeper. The theme for January over all is: the blank page.

So I started with cutting out some text from an animal encyclopaedia I had laying around and paste that on paper. I made a border with oil crayons.

I painted over everything with watercolors, because I knew that this would keep my borders in tact. The top letters are stickers that I normally use for Project Life and the bottom letters are a stencil that I traced with a fineliner pen. Last, I used some stamps for more decoration and that was that.

As for my goals: this sums it up quite nicely.
I love to eat good food. Tasty food makes a whole lot of difference in my world. This does not mean junk food, mind you. But good home cooking and baking. I get cranky when I don't eat good food. And the whole diet wagon pisses me off, so this is the rebel side of me ;)
Play, be creative, is my second goal. I need to make time to do this and not only my homework, just because I have to.
And last: do the things I love. I am easily stressed out and I need a lot of me time. Relax, relax, relax. If I don't my body starts acting up more and I have to do everything that I can, to stay healthy.

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