Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WOYWW: A clean desk!!

A while ago I came across a creative meme that is called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. It is all about showing what is going on on your workdesk and is hosted by Julia from Stamping Ground. I really like participating, because it is an easy way to show you what I have been working on, and it is fun to visit some other participants :)

So, I have been away for about a month. The holidays swept me away and after that a nice flu, which I am still recovering from. But right after new years, I had my desk really organised!! It still it. I am proud ;)

I bought some new storage boxes. The 2 big blue ones are new. The top one has all my project life things and the bottom all my washi and deco tape.

And here is my first week of Project Life. Except for the top left card, which is from the winter set, the rest are from a crafting block. The January card is a freebie.

And my 2nd week :) These cards are all from the Winter set. I need more design A layouts as shown above. This was the only one I got because I got a mixed bag. But I think I like these best. But I will have to try the others before I am sure. Expect to see more of this here for the next year :)


  1. You win the prize for the tidiest desk! I love seeing everything stored away so neatly :-). Project Life seems such a great idea, many people are doing it but I know I could never keep it up, I never kept a diary when I was younger because after the first two weeks I lost interest!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  2. I love to see a tiddy desk but mine never stays that way. Enjoy your project life. They have some awesome products for that. Thanks for visiting and commenting. #55

  3. Love those storage boxes on your desk and your PL pages look great. I like how you've split your photos. I've just finished my first weeks page too. The second week is still a wip.
    Hugs Lisax #53

  4. Oh your desk looks sublime! All ready and waiting! Your PL pages are lovely already - I think the mixed bag of supplies was a good idea..keeps you thinking out of the box a bit instead of making your pages the same as every
    one else's!

  5. Thanks for swinging by my blog how tidy your desk is..ready for action :) Cx #25

  6. Yes, they are book marks!
    wow that is a clean desk.
    love the new boxes. Thanks for stopping by and the tour around your place.
    Robyn 5

  7. Uber tidy I must say and you must have LOADS of Washi in such a big box! BJ#2

  8. super tidy desk and I like the storage containers, although my washi tape probably fits in a small bag. Hard to get back into the groove after a long break. I really like the idea of project life and yours is looking great. Sandra @28

  9. That desk is incredibly neat!
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #77