Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet the rabbits

It is spring and the rabbits were restless. Since we live in an apartment, the rabbits can't hop in the garden, so we tried taking them for a walk for the very first time. Of course I had to take my camera with me to take some pictures :)

The brown rabbit is Ramsay and the white one is Binky. Normally Binky poses for pictures more easily but outside it seems to be the other way around. The rabbits had fun yesterday, hopping in the grass in front of the apartment :) And they were tired the rest of the day, so all was good :) Enjoy the weather and have a nice Friday :)


  1. They are adorable! I had no clue they made harnesses for rabbits. I used to have a ferret and we would try to walk her with the dogs, but after passing a house or two, she'd get bored and have to be carried the rest of the way.

  2. Your rabbits are so cute! It's the first time I see those leashes on rabbits :) Have actually considered to get them for our kittens, but bf doesn't approve :/

  3. They're silly little jumpers ;3 - hope they calmed down a bit after a few days?

    @Chinoiseries: Our kittens (living in the same house as the above rabbits btw) will follow you outside anyway if you decide to go for a walk, as long as they know you're leaving. Maybe your kittens will too? :)