Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mini Book Review: Cat Stories by James Herriot

Title: James Herriot's Cat Stories
Author: James Herriot
Genre: Short Stories
Subject: Cats
Publisher: MJF Books
Release date: 1990 (other sources say 1994)
Length: 161 pages
I got this book: I had it on my shelves for a while

This book is a collection of stories about remarkable cats that the author encountered while doing his work as a veterinarian.

Personal opinion: 
I thought this book was very funny. Next to cute stories about quirky cats, I also picked up some things about how it was like to be a veterinarian in the mid 1900's and life in the UK back then in general. This was a nice addition. Granted, if you don't like cats this probably isn't a book you should pick up. However for me as a cat lover this was a nice light read which I really enjoyed. My edition also came with beautiful illustrations by Lesley Holmes. This is the first book I have read for the What an Animal Reading Challenge IV.

I liked it!

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Other reviews: None yet.
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