Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make your own personality box

I had a really fun assignment I would like to share here. For homework we had to create a personality box, it could be any box you wanted it to be as long as it had a lid. And you had to make the box your own, meaning a display of your personality. The outside of the box would be your outer personality and the inside of the box has to represent your inner personality. Your outer personality is how others see you, the side you show. And your inner personality is the side that you only show to a few, it is who you really are.

Problem with me is that there isn't much difference between the two because I can't hide my personality, even if I wanted to. People see all sides of me pretty quick. Sometimes this is annoying or embarrassing but trying to keep on a mask just costs me too much energy, so I don't. Therefore my outer personality has two sides of which one side would normally be your inner personality. But I used the inside of my box to cherish my inner child. I thought it was fitting.

I choose to use a natural wooden box which isn't too big. I painted the outside with green & blue acrylics and stamped butterflies & cats on the box. The butterfly in green, representing my social, cheerful side and the cats in blue representing my solitude side who goes her own way. The sakura flowers represent the Japanese culture I am into and is a big part of my life. I don't have a picture of the inside. But I left the wood natural there to represent pureness and there is an owl stamped on the inner side of the lid. Because my dad lives in me. I want to fill the box with soft items that protect my inner child and things that represent it. 

I love how the box turned out because it is so me! I might paint & stamp on more wooden boxes in the future. I think they make great gifts :)


  1. The owl represents your dad? And I love the sakura!

  2. I LOVE all the thought that went into it! LOVE the Cattitude! I'm guessing owl for your dad because he's so wise??? Could be way off base there but....! FAB box!

  3. Leuk!
    Bedankt voor het volgen trouwens.

  4. Yeah the owl represents my dad. It is because he collected owls and after his dad I took over the collection. Still adding to it :)

  5. Love the Cattitude + cat decorations ;3

    ..and also love the comment a few bits up about your dad being wise, because in DnD, intelligence is your natural intelligence and wisdom is your life experience wisdom. ;D