Thursday, January 15, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 2

I am a bit late with finishing this page in comparison to last week. There was a nasty cold in my way which prevented me from doing much. The prompts for these week were Gesso and a Quote from Mary Shelley: The beginning is always today.

I choose to try a reverse stencil technique from this YouTube video.

You first prime your page with Gesso. Then add a layer of acrylic paint. Place a stencil on top and spray some water over the stencil. Leave it to sit for about a minute.

Go over the page with a baby wipe and you will get this result. As you can see I need to practice more, but I love the effect.

I wanted to do something with first steps for the journaling prompt but it took me a couple of days to put this together. I leaved through some magazines for inspiration and I finally took out the scrabble tiles for part of the quote. I traced the socks from a pattern I had laying around. They are actually witches socks from a Halloween craft magazine. I used some bubble wrap on the background, then pasted on the paper bits and finished it with acrylic white paint for the legs and the rest of the quote. I traced some bubble with a white pen and the letters etc with black pen.

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