Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Title: The Chosen One
Author: Carol Lynch Williams
Genre: YA
Subject: Polygamy
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release date: May, 2009
Length: 213 pages
I got this book: Borrowed it from the library

From Goodreads:
"Thirteen-year-old Kyra has grown up in an isolated community without questioning the fact that her father has three wives and she has twenty brothers and sisters, with two more on the way. That is, without questioning them much---if you don’t count her secret visits to the Mobile Library on Wheels to read forbidden books, or her meetings with Joshua, the boy she hopes to choose for herself instead of having a man chosen for her.

But when the Prophet decrees that she must marry her sixty-year-old uncle---who already has six wives---Kyra must make a desperate choice in the face of violence and her own fears of losing her family forever."

Personal opinion:
Another book that I read during the readathon. I picked this out because it was not too long and I expected it to be a quick read, which it was. I have read more books about polygamy but those books were non fiction and usually a lot thicker. Because this book was fairly thin I had expected that it would only touch lightly upon the subject but I couldn't have been more wrong. I guess this is the difference between fiction and non-fiction. While the book is still very realistic, the writer has influence on the events that take place and therefore this book has a faster pace which made me feel like I was drawn into the stream of events rather than to read a slower paced recalling of events. I think this is the strength of this book. This writer manages to grasp the core of the problems that rise in such communities and create a natural chain of events without being longwinded about it.

I liked it!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read :) - Assume it ended well too ;)

  2. Not going to tell ;) And I picked it up at the library so I can't really lend it to you :(

  3. Great review, love that you have 2 rabbits and 4 cats, do they get on?


  4. what da hell does the ending mean???? it ends with the russian book but what does it mean???

  5. Sorry I meant Russian TREE..duh blond moment