Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Monster Review-a-thon Starting post

They are currently hosting a Monster review-a-thon at the book monsters and since I am behind, I thought it would be a good idea to join in.

I have to say that I am terribly busy at the moment and that I am having trouble to blog at all! So this review-a-thon came just at the right time. I was 4 books behind and for some this may be peanuts but for me 4 books is a huge stack, making it harder for me to start new books and to blog. I already joined yesterday and wrote one of my 4 reviews, but since I have the policy to only publish one post a day, I couldn't post the start up post.

There are also mini challenges in this review-a-thon, so I might edit this post later on if I have completed some. Since I have my first review scheduled for tomorrow, I won't be making a separate post for each mini challenge I completed. Other than book reviews, I also still have a ton of snack reviews to write on my other blog She Likes Bento, so I might try and write some of those reviews as well :)  I do hope that in-between my Abunai! work, I still can get all of them done :)

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  1. Good luck, Uniflame. Sounds like a busy time. But this review-a-thon should push you to do a bit extra. It works for me already!