Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First year of school - completed!

I know there has been a lack of creative posts on the blog this month. I only posted about my calendar at the beginning of June. However I was extremely busy with creative things because I was finishing the school year by completing one last huge assignment (or actually 2). I will share part one with you today, since I can finally say that I completed my first year!

The assignment was to look over everything you made in the past school year and discover your personal theme. The thing that kept coming back. With me this was "Close to myself" since I find it very easy to make contact with my inner child. For the assignment I choose to try something new and make a collage on a canvas. This is the final result:

I first painted a background and then I sorted out some pictures that all stand for an aspect of myself. But when I looked at it, I found it way too crowded because I used so many different colors in my background. So I worked over it with pastel crayons and while you can still see the original colors shine through, it is much more a whole now and less crowded. It was funny though because to me it represent my ADHD and the stream of thoughts I have in my head all the time. So I am very proud that I was able to make it a whole and much calmer. I will share some close ups from the painting below:

I also collected lyrics that are fitting to me and wrote them on leaves and pasted them on the painting. Then I added a final protective layer of hobby glue, which I had been told that could be used for that. But it gave me such a scare because at first I thought I had ruined all my work! Since the glue dried up ugly at first. But it was much better after I left the painting over night. But damn, I thought that weeks of work went down the drain that instant. At school they say, that you can't create pieces unless you jump into the depths. I definitely got a taste of that.

The pastel did smudge over the images but I don't really mind because I wanted them to blend anyway. But I noticed that I can use some more practice with the technique. Plenty of time for that next year though, because then we will be making more big, in depth pieces in stead of all the smaller pieces we did this year. It will ask a lot of my concentration though. I am curious how this will go. But for now I have a 3 month vacation! There actually was a part two of this assignment which I will share with you next time :)


  1. gaaf geworden en wow 3 mnd vakantie!


  2. Wat ontzettend mooi geworden!!
    Echt iets om trots op te zijn!

    Ik volg je nog niet zo heel lang en vraag me af; welke opleiding doe je? Iets van kunstacademie, of academie het pad/ tiki ofzo?
    Ben benieuwd! klinkt in ieder geval erg bijzonder en leuk.

    Geniet van je vakantie!


  3. I have the same question as An... which school do you go to? I love the artwork and what it represent to you, thanks for telling the 'story behind it' - that makes it even more beautiful!

  4. An & Marit: I have answered that question here: http://uniflamecreates.blogspot.com/p/my-creative-process.html :) Thanks for showing interest :)

  5. Congrats on finishing your 1st year -- a job well done! Especially since you managed to tone down the end result: it looks complete indeed.